Finding The Right Teacher

How do you find the right teacher for your needs and goals? Many students and parents, as well as adult singers, don’t always know how to proceed.


Finding a fully trained and experienced professional vocal instructor is the critical first step on the path to discovering your true and fully realized vocal potential. There are many people out in the world who present themselves as fully trained and effective voice instructors. Many of course are just that. However, many simply do not have the broad spectrum skill set necessary to address all the needs of aspiring performers in today’s highly competitive musical marketplace!

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Voice Lessons

Let’s start with a basic approach or philosophy of study. After having received comprehensive training in music school in music theory, history, piano, languages, conducting, and of course vocal performance, one has laid the groundwork to begin to pursue the Study of vocal pedagogy, or vocal instruction. A teacher must study vocal anatomy, physiology, and have a thorough understanding of the kinesthetic or physical function of all those muscles and ligaments that interact to produce our speech and singing voices. After all the initial course study was done, I asked several high level teachers to let me sit in and observe them teach. Then after many hours we would sit down and discuss their approach to vocal evaluation and problem solving. This allowed me to come to an important conclusion:

There is no one magic, one size fits all approach to singing that solves all problems for all singers!

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