Russell Penney

Our Philosophy

No single book, video series, seminar, or “New Scientific Method” can quickly address every aspiring singers’ problems and struggles as they study voice. Real and effective vocal technique and methodology is of necessity Eclectic. That is to say, it draws on many approaches and concepts, from many time-proven sources, to design a customized technical approach unique to that particular student’s needs.

This leads to a fundamental precept of my approach to teaching: Each human voice is Unique! Like faces, like fingerprints, the voice is produced by a one of a kind combination of inherited traits, upbringing, and life experiences. These all combine to create the vocal mechanism and the mind that drives that voice. I know that I must meet each student where they are as a singer.

Then I  evaluate their voice, and musical ear, and training to see where they  are in the growth process. We then discuss their goals for singing and their aspirations as a performer. This allows us to plot a course of study in which each step taken is on the path to those short and long term goals. Performing is an art, but musical study is a science.

Another very important reality of vocal study is that it takes TIME! Just like working out, losing weight, learning any skill. Our bodies change gradually, in tiny increments. You can’t cram muscular development like a spelling list for a test. We change a bit each lesson, developing strength, flexibility, and stamina. A simplistic slogan is: SLOW WE GROW...FAST DOESN’T LAST!


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